Zero Japan products are made of stony earth and are stronger than earth. It is baked 5 times at high temperature. It is baked 5 times at high temperature. The teapot handle is designed so that your fingers do not touch the hot teapot while pouring the tea. Thanks to its special design, the comb allows the tea to flow into the glass in a regular manner. The stainless steel lid gives the teapot a modern look. It can be used easily with one hand. The lid can be opened with the thumb of the hand holding the teapot. The lid is designed to stay open while putting the tea leaves. At the same time, the cover can be easily removed for cleaning. The filter is wide and deep so that the leaves can open completely and release all their aroma. The stainless steel filter has no effect on the flavor of the tea. It can be easily removed and cleaned.


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