Zero Japan products are made from stoneware and it is stronger than soil. It’s fired 5 times in high temperature. In this way concentrated glaze does not lose color. Teapot handle is designed for your fingers not touch to hot pot while serving tea. The spout has a special design and allows the tea to leave the pot in a tidy flow. The stainless steel lid gives the pot a modern image. The pot can be handled with one hand. The lid can be opened with the thumb of the hand holding the pot. When putting the tealeaves in the pot, the lid can stand open. At the same time lid is easily removed for thorough cleaning. The filter cup is wide and deep so the leaves can fully unfold and release their flavour and aroma. The stainless steel filter cup has no impact on the flavour of the tea. The filter is easy to lift of and clean.

Size of Teapot: 150×100×100

Volume of Teapot: 450 cc




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